Pack Name Clan Path Faction Position
Blood and Guts Henri DuFour Brujah Cathari Loyalist Ductus
Blood and Guts Elliot Trafton Pander Humanity Pander Movement Pack Priest
Terra Australis Elizabeth Hammond Toreador antitribu Humanity Status Quo Ductus
Terra Australis Amelia Bouchard Malkavian antitribu Caine None Pack Priest
Terra Australis Charlie Under-The-Hill Nosferatu antitribu Humanity Moderate Abbot
Sanctus Victor Lazar Ventrue antitribu Honorable Accord Order of St. Blaize Ductus
Sanctus Jacob Marshall Ventrue antitribu Humanity None Abbot
Knights Before Bishops Colleen Willett Lasombra Power and the Inner Voice Ultra-Conservative Ductus
None Magda, the Tree That Walks Tzimisce Metamorphosis None None
None Clyde Easton Gangrel Feral Heart N/A N/A
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