The following is an excerpt from the Blackened Veins house rules, which explains how much a character gets XP.

D. Experience Points (“XP”):
1. XP is awarded to an Active PC in the following ways:
a. 4 XP for attending a home game
b. 1 XP for being in costume
d. 1 XP for exceptional roleplaying nods during game wrap­up (“Wowie”)
e. 1­3 XP for End of Game (EOG) write­ups submitted by Thursday before game
by midnight.
f. 2 XP for attending another OWBN Chronicle game or Event (Staff must be
informed by the Player of attendance
g. 1­3 XP for “Downtime” activities done between game sessions, either via email,
in person, etc.
2. Experience is capped at 8 per month for any PC per the OWBN Bylaws.
3. A PC receives the full 8 XP for their first game as a Player. This does not apply if
a player starts a new PC.
4. Each ST receives 8 XP a month automatically which can be applied to any PC they
have in the Game, either Active or Inactive.
5. Active Coordinators or Sub­Coordinators may earn up to 2 points per month (total,
not per PC) at Staff discretion.
6. Council Members receive 1 point per month (total, not per PC) at Staff discretion.

Please Email this log to somethingstrange.game (at) gmail.com, by the 3rd Friday of the month.

Date : August 2017
Name : Betty the Brujah
Clan : Toreador Anti
Pack : Ballet and Bombs
Faction : Loyalist
Position: Ductus

Anything You want to ask or clarify with the ST.

1xp - Lore: End of Game Report

Summary of Activities at Game
I tied the shoelaces of Charlie Under-the-hill to a frenzied tremere, he fell over and started crying.

Locations Owned
1. House on Smith St - Haven

Summary of Downtime Scenes
1. I had an email scene with Charlie where he cried about pepe the frog.

Police x 2
1. I got the Police to hassel anyone wearing a yankees hat.
2. I hid the fact I got the police to hassel yankee fans.

1. I wandered the territory looking for Charlie's car to key.

Status Changes
Enriched - Granted by Bishop Kyle, Ate a Tremere Sheriff

Bono - 3
JoJo - 7

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