Name Type Controlled By Town Description Map Link
270 Access Hwy Farm House Noone Caribou Meeting site for the Northern Maine Sabbat Google Maps
61 Plante Rd Large House Colleen Willett Caribou Colleen Willett's personal haven Google Maps
109 Bennett Dr Restaurant Lonely Hearts Club Caribou Sergent Pepper Diner Google Maps
Black Brook Forest Magda, the Tree That Walks Connor Magda's personal "haven" Google Maps
219 Philbrick Rd Estate Sanctus Limestone Sanctus communal haven and meeting site Google Maps
North Cutt Rd Air Force Base Axios Limestone Site of the former Loring Air Force Base Google Maps
250 Hedman Rd Medium House Blood and Guts New Sweden Blood and Guts communal haven and meeting site Google Maps
116 Station Rd Church/Cemetery Ministerio Sanguis New Sweden New Sweden Cemetery Google Maps
332 Chapman Rd Estate Terra Australis Presque Isle Terra Australis communal haven and meeting site Google Maps
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