Blackened Veins, our parent chronicle. Blackened Veins is a Camarilla genre game set in Portland, ME. While it doesn't have a website of its own, Shadows and Light is Blackened Vein's sister chronicle, another Camarilla genre game set in Lewiston/Auburn.

The One World by Night (OWBN) website, the organization that Something Strange, Blackened Veins, and Shadows and Light belong to.

The Sabbat Central for OWBN, a website specifically for the Sword of Caine. It's a good resource for information regarding what other people are doing within the Sabbat.

Sabbat Wiki for OWBN, a website to find up to date cities, positions and other information about the venue.

The Unofficial White Wolf Wiki, a stellar and up-to-date reservoir of knowledge about the World of Darkness. Good for quick searches.

Drive-Thru RPG, a website where you can legally buy PDFs and physical copies of White Wolf books.

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